We are a community of artists, directors

We are a community of artists, directors, producers, strategists, thinkers and doers who try to embrace the future and reshape the media landscape.

We’re more than a content studio that creates across social media, television and film. We’re more than just a social media agency focused on strategy and distribution. We’re collaborators at our core. What excites us is what’s next no matter what that may be.



“Richard D’Alessio Chief Creative Officer Richard D’Alessio has earned a preeminent reputation as an international commercial director and has successfully launched brands in 43 countries spanning over 500 commercials.

Richard served as a production consultant to Maker Studios for several years helping them build out their creative production infrastructure and launch their animation channel, Animonster. He then served as US Creative Director for Big Balls and helped launch www.Copa90.com as part of the YouTube Originals program. Richard then wss hired into the role of Creative Director at BPG Advertising where his high impact ideas help launch network and cable television shows capturing record breaking audiences and sustaining viewer engagement. Rich is co-founder of Ryde Studios.


Nic Gibbs Chief Executive Officer

Nic started his career developing social media strategies for newly funded start-ups in Silicon Valley. He then joined theAudience, a social media agency spawned from Ari Emanual and Sean Parker and regarded as one of the premiere social media companies at the time of his hire. There he worked on major social media campaigns for American Express, Fox Studios, A&E Networks, HLN and more.

Nic then joined BPG Advertising where he launched a new social media department within the agency. There he lead campaigns for Universal Studios, STX, Paramount Pictures, Sony Studios, Linosgate and a relaunch of the “What happen’s here, stays here” camping for the city of Las Vegas. He is a co-founder of Ryde Studios.